Member Logo Use Policy

An RPA Member, in good standing, may use the attached RPA Member logo provided the member complies with the following conditions:

1. The logo may not be revised or altered in any way.  It must be displayed in the same manner as attached and cannot be reproduced unless such reproduction is identical to the logo provided by the RPA.

2. The member logo may be used only on the member’s letterhead, business cards and similar documents or websites, and products not for sale on which the name and address of the member or the member’s business is prominently displayed.

3. The logo may be used as a decal on the door or window of a business, or on the window of a business vehicle or personal vehicle.

4. The logo may not be used in any manner which indicates or implies approval by RPA of any product or practice.  This includes any use of the logo that the public might construe as an endorsement or approval by RPA of a member or a member’s business or which might be taken to support or encourage a member’s sale of product, process or installation.

5. The logo may not be used on an advertisement or product literature.

6. No person gains any rights whatsoever in the logo or its use; it remains the property of RPA.  RPA reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to require the logos removal from any location or thing RPA feels does not comply with this policy, or which could or does discredit the association.

7. Any unauthorized use of the logo may result in legal action and the imposition of damages.

8. The logo may be printed in either black or green (pms 356). 

Questions related to the color of the logo should be directed to RPA/IAPMO’s Marketing Department at 909-472-4100.

Please use these links to download either a high resolution .jpg or .eps files of the different available member logos.


Click here for .jpg download  Click here for .jpg download  Click here for .jpg download 
Click here for .eps download  Click here for .eps download Click here for .eps download