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Next Webinars:

Date: September 30, 2014

Cost: Free for RPA and IAPMO memebers

Time: 12:00 PM CT

Duaration: 90 minutes including Q and A

Expert Instructor: Chris Martin, PE from Phase Change Partners

Title: Understanding and Utilizing Phase Change Materials to Expand your Market Share

Description: This presentation will explain the science and application of using phase change materials ( PCM's) in your current radiant heating and radiant cooling designs. PCM are utilized as a "Smart Thermal Mass" option for reducing energy usage and improving comfort. Some major breakthroughs in this technology will be presented to explain why this product goes way beyond concrete for adding thermal mass for buildings. Overview of the properties, as well as application of PCM in radiant cooling, radiant heating, and solar and conventional hot water storage technologies. The BioPCMat™ can be specified to transition at nearly any temperature, and incorporated into a variety of building structures.

To register click here.

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